About Us

Balto Performance Crafts, Restores, Builds, Fabricates and Installs the custom creation that you come up with. We are here to help you bring those crazy ideas to life. Challenge us with the build that no one else will take. 

We will be sure to shoot honesty your way if your build idea is not a long term strategy and potential risk to your engine. Your goal may not be attainable on the first visit, but in due time we are sure we can create a game plan for you to get there. Depending on your budget we will make your Car or Truck reach the optimum output and efficiency you are seeking with in YOUR budget. 

Whether you are looking to build out a brand new car on top of the line specs, Level up your daily commuter or bring a classic in for a cutom Resto-Mod, we got you. Hand Crafted Carbon Fiber, Custom Engine parts made to your engines specs or a Quick Dyno Tune to see your Engine’s potential. 

We are here to create a vehicle that mirrors the image you would have, when you hit your success. Let us bring your dreams to a reality. We bring your authentic spin into your Vehicle. We look forward to being part of your next journey and car build experience.

  1. High Standards
  2. Honor Our Word
  3. Under Promise, Over Deliver
  4. Leave each car better then we found it
  5. Create an authenticity mirror in your car
  6. A clear understaning of your roadmap